Working side by side with your people to embrace the adoption of Microsoft 365

The business landscape is changing. Employees seek purpose and satisfaction. Businesses aim to harness worker ingenuity. And a diverse, multi-generational workforce can now work anytime, anywhere. Success depends on your ability to collaborate and drive productivity within teams spread across the globe. Microsoft 365 was created to meet these evolving business needs. It is a suite of powerful tools that optimize productivity in today’s corporate landscape.

We understand that adopting new technology involves change, and change can be daunting. Even for the most innovative, cutting-edge organisations. That’s why we partner with you to adapt and adopt the new way of working with Microsoft 365.

Our success is a mix of using Microsoft adoption methodology, many years of implementation experience and your guidance in an approach that best suits your organisations.



Stage 1 – Envisioning

In a workshop, we start by identifying the important business objectives and challenges and start to recognize areas of opportunity to improve work processes.  This provides the information required to prioritise which of the Microsoft 365 solutions provide the most benefit to your organisation. This is usually re-enforced by providing your team with a demonstration of some of the powerful functions of Microsoft 365.

Transforming to this new way of working requires buy-in and support from across the business. Therefore, we identify members of the implementation team who need to be involved and what their roles will be.

The output of Envisioning is a proposal to you of the scope of works and a detail plan and costs implementing the solution.

Stage 2 – Prepare Environment

In this stage we configure the Microsoft 365 environment. Activities include:

  • Provide Microsoft licenses
  • Set up users, roles and initial security
  • Create and migrate mailboxes.
  • Configure system admin setup for each solution required.
Stage 3 – On- Boarding

Communication is the key to successfully onboarding staff to the changes in process and systems. That’s why we work closely with the staff who will be impacted by providing:

  • Clear communication of what the changes will be and when they will change.
  • Specific Training to carefully explain how they can transition from their current day-to-day activities to the new way of working.
  • Provide support to help with any questions or issues the users come up against.
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