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We want to make sure that know about practices and functions that can boost your business productivity. In these blogs you may learn something new about Microsoft 365 or Business Systems.

Managing Projects using Microsoft Teams Apps

I show you different Microsoft Teams solutions for managing Tasks, Activities or Projects. Solutions include Excel, Planner, Microsoft Lists, Power Apps and MS Project.

Accessing MS Teams Files in Windows File Explorer by syncing them.

How to update Microsoft Power Apps Datatverse Data using Excel

How secure is email?

In a nutshell it’s not secure at all. There. Done. Thanks for reading my article.
Oh, you want to know why and what can you do about it. Then keep reading.

Remove manual data entry in Spreadsheets using Power Automate

I have a customer who wants to remove manual data entry in spreadsheets. He has a daily monotonous task of manually entering bank reconciliation transactions from […]

Using Microsoft Teams to manage your project schedule.

If you are managing a project whether its small or complex, then Microsoft Teams is a fantastic platform to use. In this article I am focusing […]

“Surely any decent system would …..”

Over the years of managing system implementations customers have said to me “Surely any decent system would have this feature as standard functionality”. This emotional statement […]

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